first effective platform for dialogue
on reconciliation

About us

Is the initiative of women of Ukraine to create first permanent platform for dialogue and search for new ideas on conflicts resolution and prevention, as well as prevention of social and humanitarian crisis in areas of military conflicts.

Our mission:

Is to contribute to the restoring of peace in Ukraine through a comprehensive dialogue and to develop approaches of resolving possible conflicts.

To participate in kyiv global summit invited:

  • members of the European Parliament and national parliaments all over the world;
  • members of the Parliament of Ukraine;
  • representatives of international organizations;
  • representatives of foreign diplomatic missions;
  • members of international parliamentary organizations and assemblies (the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, the Central European Initiative, etc.);
  • members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and representatives of central and local executive bodies;
  • city mayors and members of local councils;
  • representatives of the expert-analytical circles:
    • research institutes
    • independent analytical organizations
  • leaders of civil society:
    • non-governmental organizations
    • women’s associations and movements
    • charity founds
    • volunteer and human rights protection organizations
  • leading mass media

Initiators and partners of the summit:

  • Ukrainian Parliamentary Inter-Faction Group «Women.Peace.Security»;
  • Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Social Policy, Employment and Pensions;
  • Parliamentary Committee on Family Matters, Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism;
  • Subcommittee on Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination of the Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Human Rights, National Minorities and Interethnic Relations.
  • #Girl2Leader Ukraine – global campaign «Women Political Leaders» aimed at transferring the experience of female-leaders to the younger generation of girls.

Inter-Faction Parliamentary Group of Ukraine “Women. Peace. Security”

Inter-Faction Parliamentary Group of Ukraine “Women. Peace. Security” is targeted at issues of parliamentary control over the implementation of the National Action Plan “Women, Peace, Security” approved by the Government of Ukraine for the period until 2020.
Among the main activities are: increasing of women’s participation in peacekeeping processes, preventing and combating violence against women in the east of Ukraine, establishing a comprehensive assistance system for victims of military conflict, promoting gender equality and the advancement of women in society.
  • Suslova Iryna Mykolaivna

    Сo-chair, Member of the deputy faction of PARTY “PETRO POROSHENKO BLOC”

  • Korolevska Nataliya Yuriivna

    Сo-chair, Member of the deputy faction of the Political party “Opposition Bloc”

  • Veselova Nataliia Vasylivna

    Сo-chair, Non-affiliated People’s Deputy

  • Masorina Olena Serhiivna

    Сo-chair, Member of the deputy faction of Political party “PEOPLE’S FRONT”

  • Zaruzhko Valeriia Leonidivna

    Сo-chair, Member of the deputy faction of Oleh Liashko Radical Party

  • Rychkova Tetiana Borysivna

    Member of the deputy faction of PARTY “PETRO POROSHENKO BLOC”

  • Ahafonova Nataliia Volodymyrivna

    Member of the deputy faction of PARTY “PETRO POROSHENKO BLOC”

  • Donets Tetiana Anatoliivna

    Member of the deputy faction of Political party “PEOPLE’S FRONT”

Kyiv Global Summit




* The world has experienced a lot of conflicts that have been resolved in different ways. Which global experience of resolving conflicts can be used for a peaceful adjustment of the situation in the east of Ukraine?

* What is the role of women in global and national peacemaking processes? Which place in these processes is taken by state and public institutions?


* Ways of achieving peace in the east of Ukraine have become the subject of disputes and discussions both in political circles and in society. Which way should Ukraine choose?

* Conceptual vision of tools and instruments for resolving the conflict in the east of Ukraine. Prospects for the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Terms of adjustment, based on methods, resources and opportunities. “Red lines” – the limits of the compromise.

* Consideration of gender aspect in the process of peace agreements’ formation. Involvement of women in the implementation of all arrangements of peace agreements.


* Any conflict is easier to prevent than to solve and overcome its consequences. Which lesson should Ukraine and the world draw from the situation in the east of Ukraine?

* Ways of solving the problems of socially vulnerable and injured in the conflict citizens. How to provide psychological rehabilitation for people affected by the conflict?

* The consequences of the economic blockade of uncontrolled territories in the east of Ukraine and the prospects for reintegration.

* Gender-based violence in the conflict zone. Defense of the rights and legitimate interests of people suffering numerous discrimination in zone of the conflict.


  • Kostyantyn Gryshchenko

    Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine (2012-2014); Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2003-2005, 2010-2012); Ukraine Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands (1998-2000); Ukraine Ambassador to the United States (2000-2003), Ukraine Ambassador to Russian Federation (2008-2010)

  • Clare Moody

    Member of European Parliament, Vice-Chair of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence, and sits on the Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, and the Committee on Women´s Rights and Gender Equality, member of Delegation to the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly.

  • Guguli Magradze

    Member of the Parliament of Georgia, Deputy Chair of the Committee of Education, Science and Culture, member of Gender Equality Council of the Parliament of Georgia since 2012. Professor of Social Psychology and Conflict Resolution at Tbilisi State University, Dr. Magradze is the author of over 80 publications in conflict resolution, social psychology and Gender issues.

  • Yurii Garbuz

    head of Luhansk regional state administration - head of the regional civil–military administration

  • Andrey Yermolaiev

    Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies "New Ukraine" – SG SOFIA

  • Mustafa-Masi Naiiem

    member of the Parliament of Ukraine

  • Valentyn Nalyvaichenko

    Head of the Security Service of Ukraine (2006-2010; 2014-2015), Leader of the Political Movement “Justice”

  • Iryna Suslova

    member of the Parliament of Ukraine, Chairperson of the subcommittee on gender equality and non-discrimination of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Human Rights, National Minorities and Interethnic Relations

  • Мarten Ehnberg

    Head of the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine, Representative of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe in charge of the co-ordination of the co-operation programs in Ukraine

  • Artur Palatnyi

    member of the Parliament of Ukraine, Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Family Matters, Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism

  • Maryna Stavniychuk

    Member of the European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) from Ukraine (2007-2013), Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, PhD of Law

  • Ada Marshaniya

    Member of the Parliament of Georgia, political secretary of the party “Alliance of Patriots of Georgia”. For 8 years has been a member of the permanent delegation of the Georgian parliament to the OSCE and has actively put on the international rostrum the main problem of the country - violation of its territorial integrity.

  • Serhii Taruta

    member of the Parliament of Ukraine, Leader of the Political Party “Osnova”

  • Vadym Chernish

    Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine

  • Eva Maydell

    Member of European Parliament (Video message)

  • Anton Herashchenko

    Member of the Parliament of Ukraine, member of the board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

  • Viktor Halasiuk

    Member of the Parliament of Ukraine, President of the Ukrainian Association of the Roman Club, member of the National Council for Reforms, Honorary President of the Association "Innovative Development of Ukraine" (UAID)

  • Serhiy Tihipko

    Ukrainian statesman

  • Noel Calhoun

    Deputy Head of the Office of the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees

  • Rimantė Šalaševičiūtė

    Member of the Parliament of Lithuania, Chair of the Committee on Social affairs and Labour, Ombudsman 2003 - 2005, Minister of Health of Lithuania, 2014-2016

  • Alexander Vinnikov

    Head of the NATO Representation to Ukraine

  • Mykola Katerynchuk

    the Chairman of the European Party of Ukraine

  • Andriy Galay

    Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union

  • Maksym Yefimov

    member of the Parliament of Ukraine

  • Maria Gabriela Zoana

    Member of the European Parliament, member of the Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality

  • Maryna Kinah

    Honored Journalist of Ukraine

  • Olena Lunyova

    Center for information of Human Rights, Humanrights

  • Nestor Shufrych

    Member of the Parliament of Ukraine

  • Nina Matvienko

    People's Artist of Ukraine

  • Najla Alraees

    Chief of the Political, Economic and Information Department of the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Ukraine

  • Oleksii Riabchyn

    member of the Parliament of Ukraine

  • Olga Skrypnyk

    Crimean Human Rights Group

  • Pavlo Klymets

    Founder and Director of the Institute of Free Economic Zones, a Ukrainian entrepreneur, who lost 40% of his business assets because of the armed conflict in Donbass

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